The Icons

"Great brands take decades to build, the journey and story of every brand is unique and precious" This advice came from Yves Carcelle, then President of Louis Vuitton to Dilip Kapur, founder of Hidesign when he first met him many years ago in Pondicherry.

Inspired by Yves, we decided to endorse our heritage and document our story through the ‘Icon Book’. Bound in Hidesign’s vegetable tanned goat leather, the ‘Icon Book’ reflects the rich history and rebellious character of our brand and its founder Dilip Kapur’s journey over the years.

In 2014, we relaunched 11 of our most beloved bags, calling them ‘The Icons’. These bags with their whimsical designs are individualistic and full of character; they stood for what we loved best - a spirit of adventure, clean designs and the use of natural materials.

A special exhibition of our museum bags, banned advertisements and archival photographs by Dinh Thi Tien along with the Icon Book, was curated by Dilip Kapur and presented for display at premium malls in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Symbolically, this exhibition began at the Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, which is where Hidesign began.